Sunday, 30 September 2012


I didn’t realise how many words
There were for crazy
Until you went there.

Loco, nuts, bonkers, mad
They all sound like a joke 
but what you did was

not comedy.

I thought of asking your sister
to take you the new
Bright Eyes CD
But god knows if you still like them
or who you are right now.

Is your real self; your real mind
hiding somewhere?

Can we unearth you?

It feels like you’re dead.

you’re just out to lunch.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Excerpt/ Reflection

You were part of my history
a sticker on a timeline
forever seventeen
drenched in mythology

Ten years later
developed and dated
thawed out and dreamless
Your ageing ages me.

You reside
inside my head
in a box
with all the others.

I’ll take you out and
glorify you periodically
but only if you stay
confined and asleep.

And don’t forget:
the story is all mine
What you remember different;
didn’t happen.

You weren’t meant
to turn out like this,
and I’m ashamed
because neither was I.